Ohio Valley Optimal Healthcare

Ohio Valley Optimal Healthcare of Weirton, WV takes a new and unique approach to pain management with INTEGRATED PHYSICAL MEDICINE. This is a first-of-its-kind collaboration in the Ohio Valley. We offer Chiropractic care,  Medical Weight Loss, Functional Medicine, Allergy Testing, Massage, Physical Therapy, and much more! Our elite team includes a Functional Medicine Practitioner, a Licensed Physical Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapists, an Athletic Trainer, and Doctor of Chiropractic. This enables our facility to make an unprecedented health management plan tailored to each individual patient.

Medical Integration


Pain has the ability to stop anyone from enjoying daily life. Ohio Valley Optimal Healthcare can help. Charlotte, Our knowledgeable Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, will assess and evaluate each patient to determine the source of pain. She then collaborates with our Doctor of Chiropractic, Matthew Nardone to formulate an individual treatment plan, with the ultimate goal being maximum function. We look at each patient as a whole, determining if there may be other underlying causes for their symptoms as we develop a treatment plan. Our unparalleled services help patients recover more quickly, without relying on dangerous or addictive medications.

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